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Saturday, January 01, 2005


Callie was invisible when we woke up this morning. I've had this happen before. It's not just the sex; it's the sex and then sleeping together for several hours after. She thought it was the coolest thing that's ever happened to her.

("Last night was the coolest thing to happen to me," I said. "Aww, you're sweet," she said. "That was pretty good too. I'd give it a 7." I couldn't find her to throw things at her.)

She had a blast with it. She played naked hide-and-seek all over my apartment. We went upstairs to grab a bite, and she played with floating things around Jenna in the kitchen. Jenna laughed. "Glad you had a good date, Callie," she said.

"Crap. How'd you know it was me?" Callie asked, disappointed.

"You don't smell like James. Also, he stopped showing off some years back."

"Yeah!" I said, juggling some oranges. "This power is a tremendous responsibility. It must never be abused." I tossed an orange where I heard Callie's voice, and we did two-person juggling until she dropped them all. Jenna shook her head and muttered "Their brains have melted together," and retreated to safety.

I made juice from the bruised oranges, and Callie smeared some Nutella on a bagel. And on herself. The bagel was quickly forgotten about, and we ended up downstairs again.

We showered together, which I have to admit looks really cool. Callie griped that she didn't have her camera with her: she does a bit of art photography, and thought this would be a really unique shot. "Next time," I said. She said "Definitely," which lifted my mood even further.

I could still see her shape in the water droplets until she toweled off. (Another difference between myself and secondhand invisibility: things disappear on me quickly, but not on other people.) She started to get dressed, for the novelty of it, and I whistled appreciatively. There's something about the shape of a woman's panties that's an absolute turn-on for me. When she had her black evening dress on again, she bitched at me for not having a mirror so she could look at herself.

"That's what you would do with a mirror,"I said. "What would I do with a mirror?"

"Please your ladyfriends," she said.

"So bring one." That gave her an idea. She took her little compact out of her purse and blew it up to about five feet tall. I had to clear some furniture out of the way for it. She whistled at herself when she saw the little black dress in midair, then turned around.

"How long does this last?"

"I don't know. A few hours," I said. "Longer if we stay close."

From the shift in her posture I could guess at the expression on her face. "How close?"

I smiled. "Close."

"Anything you need to do today?"

"Just you," I said.

The dress and underwear fell to the floor, and I only saw a faint cloud of wet hair.

That was a couple hours ago. She went upstairs for lunch, and I started typing this. Now she's back. She's teasing me. And she's just started--

Happy 2005, everyone.


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