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Thursday, December 23, 2004


I'll likely be scarce the next week or so -- traveling up to
Asheville, North Carolina to spend the solar holiday with my mom and
my half-siblings. The traveling part will be a major pain in the ass.
Greyhound is not my friend. But I like my family, and I'll get to
walk around in the mountains, which'll be nice if it isn't raining or
sub-freezing the entire time. It's worth the trip. I'll try to post
while I'm there, but don't expect daily updates or anything.

To Dana: No, I'm not going to be on IM. You know that. You'll just have to learn to send e-mails that are more than two sentences, or get
comfortable with a damn phone. Who have you seen before? What
is it that you need me to remember?

And although I hope it's unrelated to your problem, do you have any
advice on how I can get this damn song out of my head?


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