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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Friday night circle

I was quite the center of attention last night at our usual gather. It's your fault, of course. By "you" I mean this blog.

The circle of unusuals has been meeting every Friday night for the last four or five years. The constituency's varied a lot. I'm told it started with Brian, Dana, some guy Dana was dating whose name I can't even recall, and Dana's brother (whose name I do recall, but the less said about him the better). I got pulled in a little while later, and I pulled in Nick when he moved back to town. Et cetera, and such is the circle of circles. I'd estimate at least twenty people have been in and out at various times. Maybe thirty, if you count ones who only showed up long enough for us to decide they were unwelcome.

But I was talking about last night. There were eight of us: Dana, Jenna, Jon, Callie, Other John (forever burdened thus, and sometimes called O.J. to make things worse), Nick, Lara, and myself. In theory we take turns hosting, which in practice means it's usually at the House of J -- Jon, Jenna, and James. Last night we were at Other John's.

I wish I could say Other John knew how to entertain. He tries hard, but it came out a little awkward. For one thing, O.J. is married. And he hasn't told his wife who we are. We've told him he's a moron for this, but that's how it is. His own talent, probability control, he's kept under wraps pretty easily. The rest of us, and the flow of our conversation, would be harder to explain. So every Friday night he goes off to a "spiritual study group" -- they're UUs or something -- and, this being the night he hosts, his wife has taken the kids off to a movie.

More later. I've gotta walk the dog, and then Jon is cooking steaks.


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