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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Evil laugh.

Callie e-mailed me yesterday. You might think she'd be annoyed about my blogging on the intimate details of our non-sex life; but if you do, you don't know Callie. She's not the shy type. Here's a choice excerpt from her e-mail:

I talked to Jenna and she helped me understand how insecure you can be. I thought about it Saturday and I think getting you drunk was probably a mistake, it probably caused some performance anxiety for you and that's why you said no. That's understnadable if so. I can forgive you, because you're a romantic and I think that's cute. You will just have to romance the hell out of me next time. (Or I will crush you like a grape! JK.)
And then later:
You're probably going to talk about this in your blog, aren't you. You have my permission, but you have to use the words "performance anxiety." EVIL LAUGH!
By now you understand fully why this woman intrigues me.

(The fact that she could crush me like a grape, or at least make me grape-sized and do finger motions while wildly cackling "I am crushing you!" is entirely incidental.)


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