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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Answering phones.

Just took a call from a guy who had no clue why he couldn't look at all his employees' files. He seemed morally outraged by this, as if the machine itself was joining in some conspiratorial uprising against him. Was he root? No. Did he have the root password? No. Some brave martyr in your IT group wants to protect you from yourself, I think. I shunt him back to his own people, and feel sorry for whoever's cubicle is about to get barged in on.

Not a glamorous day; but then most days aren't. Everybody's got to eat. I make food & doof money by doing first tier phone support for a local Linux services company. It's below my actual skill set, but a full consultant job would mean I'd have to be seen on site. I can't be seen on site. So I stay home, answering dipshit questions from people who can't remember their own passwords or want to know why that new printer doesn't just work when they plug it into their Linux box. Sometimes I get called by one of the field guys to SSH into a box and do something interesting, but not very often.

Some of you are raising eyebrows now, wondering how does an invisible man get a job at all, even a telecommmuting gig? Teamwork. Funny story -- I'll get to it in a bit.


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